Couples in Quarantine

Forward: I know that things are tough right now, and many people are suffering. Here’s a little poem I wrote about my thoughts on quarantining with a significant other.


Yes, I know we’re close right now
And cannot get away
We’re in this cell together
For at least another day

We live in isolation
And there’s little room to breathe
Sometimes it’s all consuming
Just wishing we could leave

But before we both go crazy
Let’s take a deeper look
At the blessings that surround us
In each and every nook.

It’s a cell with ocean views
And a cabinet full of food
With Tiger shows on Netflix
To lighten up the mood

For now we both are healthy
As we order pizza in
We sacrifice in luxury
To protect our next of kin

We cuddle with our puppies
And with our kittens, too
We keep our children close at hand
As one, we muddle through


I guess it’s not so bad
When we take a look around
Even without toilet paper
There’s good, indeed, abound

I guess that all I’m saying
Is that somehow, we’ll get through,
And if I am in prison
I’m glad that it’s with you

I know that times are trying
But soon we will be free
At least I hope and pray that’s true
Or God knows you’ll murder me