Young Mommy’s Loss

Forward: I wrote this poem for my little sister several years ago, when my infant niece, her baby daughter, was killed in a terrible firearms accident. Another child got ahold of a misplaced handgun, and it discharged when he accidentally dropped it. The bullet passed through my niece’s brain and tore her from our lives. It was an event that completely changed my perspective on gun ownership.

Now, without further ado,



The lightning clap of Death rang out
It rocked you to your core
The stink of the dark sulfur spout
Came rising from the floor

The iron taste of liquid life
Was wafting through the air
While Charon came to fuel our strife
And take her to his lair

Across the river Styx they went
All through that morbid night
Now that the leadened casing’s spent
Our hearts are filled with spite

I know the world seemed to stop
When from your life she flew
But you are not alone my dear
Your family is with you

Think not of poison in your blood
The rancid viper’s sting
Think of how she had it good
When she heard her mommy sing

Recall her arms around your neck
The shaky way she’d stand
Feel her breath upon your cheek
Your finger in her hand

Don’t dwell on dreams that never were
Or smells of slate and steel
Remember how her heart was pure
The love you shared was real

As for the other players here
Not all deserve the guilt
Do not begrudge the little dear
That angel’s blood was spilt

Don’t blame him for the accident
He knows not what he did
Just help him live in merriment
For he is just a kid

And for the grief that fills your days
Like water in the rain
The good things tend to come in spades
To wash away the pain

I know the hurt is palpable
But one day it will fade
For now, you’re more than capable
Of dancing with the blade

She now resides in Shangri-La
Safe in Elysium
She has perceived the face of God
And has befriended Him

Take heart she won’t know Lucifer
Of Evil or of Hell
She held hands with Christopher
Long before the knell

She dines with all the angels now
And with our daddy too
Have faith he’s watching out for her
Because that’s what he’d do

She rides on golden beams of light
And will so for all time
She’ll never know the dark of night
She’ll never know of crime

She soars above the clouds tonight
Where everybody sings
On plumes of celestial light
Aloft on angels’ wings