My Dolphin

Forward: I wrote this poem shortly after Binx and I got together. It was a tumultuous time in my life, and she helped me through.


You are the favored creature
Of peoples, one and all
Living deep within me
I’ll always catch your fall

You move through sunlit sparkles
Skipping on the foam
You dance, you play, you sing, and dance
In freedom’s heart you roam

From Neptune’s magic realm
Toward Helios in the sky
From the shallow depths you surge
With Icarus you fly

Twisting, twirling, aqua-gold
The homestead far below
You dance above the surface
Chanting as you go

You pitter-patter toward the light
With silent, footless strokes
Above-below, above-below
You carry all my hopes

Though closeness can be trying
And we’ll wish for time apart
Your ballet-journey toward the light
Has healed my broken heart

I’ll strive to be a home for you
Though you may choose to rove
I’m rough and harsh when tide sets in
But I vow to be your cove

I’ll hold you deep inside me
And above my surface too
I am the ocean blue my love
My love… I am for you