The Journey Begins

Hello, friends, new and old. What will follow in the days and weeks to come will be my career journal. My writing journey. My road to being a writer. Or, to be more specific, to being a writer who gets paid to write!

My ultimate hope is that one day, I–and others–can look back at this and think, “wow, what an interesting journey to ‘success.'” Whatever that success will ultimately be, only the Fates can know. But as this page evolves, perhaps we’ll see an interesting story. One that I hope ends in a Hollywood way. Because, real talk, bad endings suck in real life.

This is going to be a new part of my process. Here, I plan to document my progress, my daily and/or weekly toilings that will ultimately lead me somewhere. Some days it may simply be a laundry list of the things that I accomplished, people that I met, and meetings that I had. Other days, it might be a new poem or short story for those times when it just feels good to make something (we all need that).

This is my new journal, and I want to share it with you, my friends and family, who are interested in seeing what the inside of my brain looks like. More than that, I want to share it with the world.

This new venture will help me to visualize my movement forward, especially for those days when it seems like I can do nothing more than bang my head against the keyboard–which Aaron Sorkin says he often does for months, sometimes years at a time (I know this because I’m taking his screenwriting course on MasterClass, and he said so. I’m in good company. Yay!).

So… perhaps this will become the chronicle of my journey. Maybe it’ll be funny. Maybe it’ll be sad. Maybe it won’t always make sense. But it’ll be a very important part of my daily/weekly routine. And I hope that it’ll be a source of inspiration and entertainment for others, who might see a little of themselves in the honest struggle of a fellow human, trying to leave a mark on the world.

So please stay tuned (and, you know, follow, like, and share this shit) as I share my stories/experiences/thoughts/fears/hopes/dreams with you. Please be my “Big Brother,” whose watchful eye will help to keep me motivated when times get difficult. And–hopefully–find something that makes your own journey easier as I share mine with you.